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Standing Supported Squats

Squats are a very useful exercise to make it easier to get up from a chair, off the toilet and out of bed. If this is difficult, try the sit-to-stand variation first or the wall squat variation.

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Set a chair behind you and have a stable surface in front of you. Stand with feet a bit more than shoulder width apart, and move your hips back like you’re going to sit in the chair. Push through the feet and come back up before you make contact. Take care to keep the knees behind your toes and moving in line with the second or third toe. As you start to feel more stable and strong, put the arms across the chest or in front of you and try to do the squat without any support at all. If you lose your balance or get tired, find the armrests or edge of the chair and sit down for a quick rest break.

Doing this exercise makes it easier to get up from a chair, off the toilet, and out of bed.

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