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The Pelvic PT
444 S Union St, 2nd Floor
Burlington, VT 05401

Park behind the Adams building. Use the bridge from the parking lot to enter on the second floor.


The Adams Building from S Union Street.


Parking is behind the building. Use the long driveway on the North (left) side of the building.


Continue up the hill past the building and trash area.


Parking is free and plentiful.


Proceed down the stairs and through the covered bridge overpass to the rear second floor entrance.


There is also a ramp for wheelchair/stroller accessibility from the Southwest corner of the parking lot to the covered bridge. Please note: the bridge flooring is made from wooden planking and though navigable, is not smooth.


Rear second floor entrance is unlocked during normal business hours. If your appointment is before or after typical workday hours, your PT will be available to open the door for you.


Proceed down the hallway.


Enter into the waiting area.


If you are early, please wait in our lobby. Appointments start on time and you will have an opportunity to use the facilities during your session. If you need a restroom before your appointment begins, a women’s restroom and past that, an individual gender neutral bathroom are located in the hallway you just walked through.