Working around your tour, film, sport or political schedule, we make it feasible for you to get the care you need in the privacy and comfort of your own space. There are no other expert pelvic floor physical therapists offering a similar level of care to high-profile clientele in the United States.

We achieve the results you are looking for:

  • To recover after abdominal, pelvic, or genital surgery
  • To properly heal after delivery
  • To resolve pelvic or tailbone pain
  • To resolve leakage (bowel or bladder)
  • To address pain or dysfunction with sex or intimate activities
  • To reduce or eliminate internal and external abdominal or pelvic pain
  • To protect your pelvic floor during labor and delivery
  • ... and much more.

Virtual consultations are absolutely possible and can be effective between appointments or when you need to travel; optimal results have always been achieved in-person. Pricing is dependent on travel requirements and availability.

You or your assistant are welcome to request more detailed information or to set up a confidential call at

Geographic Limitations

We have currently limited our roster to accept clients who can be seen in the continental US, with a focus on the East Coast, and we take on only a select number of VIPs at any given time to ensure the highest level of care and flexibility.


Healthcare forms must be completed by the client themselves both to comply with privacy laws and to be able to provide the best possible care given the intimate nature of this work. All information is held in strict confidence and stored on secure encrypted servers. Please clarify if you intend to use a pseudonym for all correspondence so our records are reflective of this need.

We look forward to providing you with the expertise and discretion you deserve in addressing your pelvic health concerns.

Dr. Judith Meer • The Pelvic PT

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