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This highly practical and functional exercise strengthens the muscles we need to be able to safely get in and out of chairs, stand up from bed and get on and off the toilet.

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To make standing up easier, lean far forward and come up at an angle, like a plane coming off a runway. You can start by using armrests if you need to. To make sure you’re safe sitting down, reach back and find those armrests before you send your bottom back into the chair.

As you start to feel more stable and strong, try to stand by having your hands on your knees and pushing through your hands if needed, still coming up at an angle and leaning forward before you fully stand up. Think “nose over toes” so you remember lean forward, and don’t hold your breath: try exhaling as you come up to standing.

Next, try to stand up and sit down without any support at all. If you are on a low chair or couch, try scooting to the edge and have your feet a little behind your knees before you try to stand.

This is an important exercise to do regularly since we need to be able to safely get in and out of chairs and stand up from the bed or the toilet all the time.


Try the supported squat variation when you're ready.

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