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Introduction to Standing Exercises

Exercise is an important part of COVID-19 recovery in order to regain your strength, endurance, flexibility, and ability to fully take part in all aspects of your daily life.

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If you find that anything beyond a short walk is too much to manage, it may be easier right now to limit yourself to trips between the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen. And if you don’t feel steady or it is hard to catch your breath, it makes sense that you want to avoid spending too much time on your feet.

Here’s the thing, though: our bodies are meant to move. It’s how we stay healthy, keep our blood pumping, our bones and muscles strong, and our organs, like our heart, lungs, skin and digestive system working right. As someone who can already handle short walks, you are in a great position to build that strength and endurance right now. I won’t lie to you, even though these are basic exercises, it will take some hard work. But before too long, you’ll start to feel stronger and ready to challenge yourself even more. I’m glad you’re taking these steps to keep yourself healthy and moving.

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