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Standing Posture

Improving posture can make breathing easier, help with back and neck pain, enhance our digestion and improve pelvic floor function.

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Poor posture can look like slouching, with the head forward and tailbone tucked under. You will notice it is harder to take a good full breath in this position, and it puts a lot of strain and tension on the upper back and neck. Poor posture can also be the opposite, with the low back arched and the head and shoulders pinched back.

To find a better posture, start by bring the head in line with the shoulders, with the chin slightly tucked down to make the back of the neck long. Lift the shoulders up towards the ears, squeeze them back and then press them down like you’re trying to tuck them in your back pockets. Then relax them. The weight in your feet should be both on the heel and the ball of the foot.

Your ankles, knees, hips, ribs, shoulders and head should be stacked neatly over each other. Check in with your body throughout the day to see how you’re doing with this.

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