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Side-Lying Abductor Strengthening

Strengthening the muscles on the outside of the hips, also known as our hip abductor muscles, keeps us steadier on our feet, and more stable when walking or standing on one leg, like when using stairs.

Length: 0:43

Categories: Sidelying, Exercise


With knees bent and using a pillow or arm for head support, bring the top leg back so the knee is in line with or just behind with your hip, then straighten your leg out and point your toes down.  Lift the leg up and down, trying to keep it from touching the ground if you can. If you need to start with your top leg on a pillow or on the ground and can only lift it up a little bit, that’s fine. We need to start somewhere. Keep the toes pointing down and your hip and knee rotated inward: that’s really important in order to specifically target the hip muscles we are looking to strengthen.

Getting these hip muscles stronger will make it easier to be steady on your feet, like when you working on standing up, walking or using stairs.

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