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Supine Marching

This exercise strengthens abdominal and hip muscles as well as helping to stabilize your lower back.

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Lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat. Arms can be at your sides or wherever they’re most comfortable. Bring one knee up so it’s in line or just past your hip. The slower you go, the more challenging you may find this; see if you can hold the leg up for at least several seconds before switching. Make sure not to hold your breath: a good rule of thumb is to exhale through the hardest part of any exercise, which for most folks is when they lift their leg.

Pay attention to your low back as well. If you notice it’s arching away from the ground as you lift your leg or is causing you discomfort, try tightening your low abs like you want to bring your belly button a little closer to your spine. You can also try tightening the pelvic muscles like you don’t want to pee: the pelvic muscles connect to our deep core muscles and help stabilize us.

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