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Introduction to Supine (On Your Back) Exercises

Exercise is an important part of COVID-19 recovery in order to regain your strength, endurance, flexibility, and ability to fully take part in all aspects of your daily life. Even if you cannot yet tolerate exercise in positions other than on your back or in bed, it is still very important to keep yourself as active as possible.

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If you find that getting out of bed is really hard, so you’d just rather stay there, I hear you. And if you don’t feel well when you sit up, that is definitely going to make it feel safer to just stay under the covers. Here’s the thing, though: our bodies are meant to move. It’s how we stay healthy, keep our blood pumping, our bones and muscles strong, and our organs, like our heart, lungs, skin and digestive system working right. The longer we stay in bed, lying on our backs, the harder and harder it gets to find the energy to get back out. But right now, that might where you’re at, and that’s okay. We just need to keep you moving any way we can.

So I hope you’ll join me in some basic starter exercises that you can do while lying down. They will keep you active as best possible until you feel ready to step up to sitting exercises.

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