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Supine Bridges

Strengthening the muscles of the buttocks makes it easier to get out of bed, a chair or off the toilet. It can also make it easier to go up stairs and can help decrease low back pain.

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The muscles of the buttocks get weaker when we sit and lie down for a long time. This makes it harder to use them when we need them for going up stairs or getting up from the bed or chair and can contribute to low back pain.

Lie face up, with knees bent and feet flat. Keep your arms at your sides.

Lift your hips off the ground as high as you can, pushing into your feet and squeezing your bottom. You’re trying to get your knees, hips and shoulders to form a straight line. Don’t get so high up that you overarch your back. If you’re doing it right, you should feel it in your bottom and the back of your leg.

Hold this position for several seconds before easing back down, making sure not to hold your breath.  As it gets easier, you can extend the time you’re holding the bridge.

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