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Prone Hip Extension

Use this exercise to strengthen your back and your bottom so movements like standing up, climbing stairs and walking feel easier.

Length: 0:44

Categories: Prone, Exercise


Bend the knee so your foot is facing the ceiling. Lift your leg off the ground like you’re trying to push the ceiling away, slow and steady. This isn’t about how far up you can get in the air, it’s about strengthening your back and your bottom so movement, like climbing stairs and walking, feels easier. You can also try it with the leg straight, keeping the leg close to the midline of your body, and not turning your toes in or out when you do this. Make sure there’s no twisting at your back, and as always, stop if you feel any sharp pain.

If you’re not comfortable laying on your belly, put a folded towel or pillow under your midsection, or do this same exercise laying on your side, taking care not to overarch your back.

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