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Seated Stacked Breathing

Stacked breathing is a technique to increase the size of the breath you are able take in. It can also improve the strength of your voice and your cough, so you can better clear out the lungs, as well as your lung flexibility.

Length: 1:25

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Stacked breathing is useful for people with weakness of their breathing muscles and to help clear the lungs. It can improve your voice strength and keep your lungs and chest wall flexible.

Wear loose clothing that doesn’t restrict you. Put your hands on your belly. Keep your shoulders relaxed. Take a slow, deep breath in through your nose and hold it, trapping the air in. Take another breath in through the nose, “stacking” it over the first. Take another little breath in. Hold it, hold it… keep holding it!

Now let all the air out from your mouth with a loud shushing sound. And relax. Repeat.

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