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Seated Pursed Lip Breathing

Pursed lip breathing is a technique that makes breathing easier and more effective and can resolve shortness of breath caused by exercise or increased activity.

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Pursed lip breathing useful for people experiencing shortness of breath, particularly during exercise or increased activity. It helps open the airways longer, getting more oxygen into your lungs, and can make breathing easier. It can be done lying down, sitting or standing.

Relax the neck and shoulders. Breathe in slowly through your nose, keeping your mouth closed. With pursed lips, like if you were going to whistle or blow out a candle, exhale through the mouth slowly and gently. Try to breath out for longer than you inhaled. For example, if you inhale for two seconds, exhale through the mouth for four seconds.

You can repeat this as many times as needed until you feel your breath return to normal, and adjust the length of your inhale and exhale to make it work for you, making sure the exhale is always longer than the inhale, and always through pursed lips.


Note: If you have pain with deep breathing that does not resolve with stretches and exercise, please contact your medical provider.

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