On this Momma Care Monday, I want you all to pinky swear me that from now on you will not be “Wilting Flowers.” What do I mean? Head hanging down, chin tilting towards the chest… Whether you’re on your phone, scrolling through Instagram, or crooning at your little ones while you feed them, that poor posture is the main culprit when it comes to head, neck, upper & mid back pain.

Wondering how to correct it? Tuck one arm under your phone-holding elbow so you can bring it closer to your face — instead of bringing your head down to it.

When feeding or cradling your infant, make sure your feet are supported (no tip toes!) and use a pillow or cushion on your lap so you can bring the baby UP to the breast or bottle — instead of hunching over to feed. You’ll be back in full bloom and feelin’ grand before you know it!