Whether you’re driving in from far away or walking over from somewhere in town, we want to make sure your first visit to the clinic is a success. So if you are standing outside wondering if you’re in front of the right building, how to get in, or trying to find parking – don’t worry! Below are all the answers you need.

Our address is 258 Newark Street, Suite 204, Hoboken NJ 07030.

It is a glass door with a brick facade to the left of the door.

Access to the building is via a touchscreen to the right of the door.

Picture of Door Welcome Screen

Touch the screen to begin and then tap the directory button.

Main Menu

Type in 204, the name of your PT, or scroll through the directory to find them – and then tap their name.

Call Directory

Press Call to buzz up to Suite 204 for access to the building and wait for your call to connect.

Door Unlocked

The front door will click open once you’ve been admitted.

If you are outside the building and are struggling to get in or the keypad does not seem to be working, please send a note via email or patient portal to your PT, or call 201.942.4429 so we can assist you.

After Entering the Building

The elevator is on the far side of the lobby.

Lobby of 258 Newark

Go to the second floor and make a left out of the elevator.

Walk down the hallway, passing two single occupancy bathrooms and a kitchenette on your left until you see suite 204 on your right.

Kitchen area across from our office

Clinic Entrance
The Pelvic PT Office Door

If the sign on the door says “Session in Progress Please Do Not Disturb,” please grab a seat at the table in the kitchenette, or if it is occupied, there is another small waiting area just on the other side of the elevators, back the way you came. We will be with you shortly — you will never have to wait long for your appointment to start!

Waiting Area
Waiting Area

There is street parking in front of the clinic which can be paid for using the on-street kiosks or the ParkMobile App (Apple App Store Link | Google Play Link).
Please note the designated street cleaning times. If you can not find street parking, there is also a garage at 77 Park Ave (SP+ Parking).

ParkMobile Sign