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Going Through Too Much TP? Time To Talk To The Pelvic PT

April 2, 2020

There is a wide range of “normal” when it comes to emptying your bowels or bladder. Some people poop three times a day, and some, three times a week. Roughly 6-7 visits a day to pee is average; generally, every three to four hours is what we’d expect in a healthy, well-hydrated person. But a range of 4-10 times a day is alright, assuming you aren’t bothered by other symptoms.

It’s when you’re going to the bathroom every hour, half-hour, ten minutes, when you feel an urgent need to go all the darn time, when it’s taken over your life — that’s when it’s time to talk to a pelvic physical therapist. We specialize in treating urgency and frequency for both bowel and bladder conditions. There are a whole bunch of reasons why it might be happening, but know this: it doesn’t matter if you’ve had this issue for 2 months or 20 years. You don’t have to live your life in the loo. There are better places to hang in your home.

If you can’t make it into the clinic, check out our telehealth options and start getting the care you need today.

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