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Ex • haus • ti • pated (too tired to give a crap)

January 1, 2020

Long Zoom calls. Poor posture. No childcare. Scary news. Stress. It’s hard not to be exhaustipated about most things these days with all that’s going on in the world.

But if constipation is on the list of issues plaguing you, it’s time to talk to a pelvic floor physical therapist. Your gut & pelvic health is a sign of your overall health. How we fuel our bodies, how we sit, how we breathe, how we move, and how well our pelvic muscles are working all impact how easy or hard it is to have a bowel movement. The normal range is every 3 days to 3 times a day, with minimal to no need to strain and a Bristol Stool Scale consistency of 3 or 4.

So how does your stool stack up?

If problems on the loo are part of your 2020 Misery List, please don’t flush the rest of the year away – let’s fix this.

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