Though we primarily focus on issues during pregnancy, postpartum, perimenopause and beyond, please know that we treat a wide variety of conditions and all ages, genders and orientations are warmly welcomed.

  • Pelvic protective labor and delivery guidance, tips and techniques
  • Pre- and post-operative abdominal and genitourinary surgical care
  • Postpartum vaginal and C-section scar tissue discomfort
  • Urinary frequency, urgency or leakage (incontinence)
  • Postpartum abdominal muscle separation (diastasis recti)
  • Pelvic, vulvar or vaginal pain
  • Pain or discomfort with sex and intimacy (dyspareunia)
  • Pelvic organ heaviness (prolapse)
  • Low back, sacrum and sacroiliac pain
  • Tailbone pain (coccydynia)
  • Chronic constipation
  • Fecal leakage (incontinence)

Core Values

  • listen deeply to what you have to say
  • teach you about your body in a way you can understand it
  • collaborate with you and your healthcare team
  • provide compassionate care
  • deliver customized treatment
  • focus on a whole body (holistic) approach to wellness
  • use movement as a key to better health
  • empower you to take an active role in your recovery
  • give you and your body permission to heal

Meet the Doctor

Picture of Judith Meer, PT, DPT

Judith Meer, PT, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Pelvic Rehabilitation Specialist (PRPC), Strength & Conditioning Certified (CSCS)

I received my B.A. in Psychology from Barnard College and went on to pursue my Doctorate of Physical Therapy at New York University (NYU). Several years after graduation, I found my calling in pelvic floor physical therapy: there is so much need and so much good to be done! I especially love helping postpartum moms navigate the world of issues “down there” by giving them the knowledge and tools they need to tackle any bowel, bladder or sex-related issues — but I enjoy treating a wide variety of pelvic health concerns that span the age and gender spectrum. Collaborative and compassionate care are the hallmarks of my practice.

I’m also a firm believer in life-long learning, and carve out time throughout the year to attend conferences, take continuing education courses, and stay up-to-date on new research in the field. In this way, I can provide the best possible care to my patients. I’ve taken extensive coursework in pelvic health topics through the renowned Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute as well as The Academy of Pelvic Health Physical Therapy of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), and assist in teaching courses and mentoring newer clinicians as my schedule permits.

I have been a member of the APTA since 2012, am a Certified Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner (PRPC) through Herman & Wallace, and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). I have a background as a Wilderness First Responder (WFR), an advanced outdoor guide and tallship sailor, and a self-defense (Krav Maga) instructor. I am part of the Vermont Birth Network, volunteer with Vermont’s Age Well Program. I am a fiercely loving mother to several young and energetic little ones and a proud partner to the very best human I know.

Meet the Patient Care Coordinator

Picture of AMY SHAO, Patient Care Coordinator & Office Manager

AMY SHAO, Patient Care Coordinator & Office Manager

I am an administrative and program management professional with over 20 years of experience supporting teams with planning and logistics as we help meet and exceed clients’ expectations. While volunteering as a support group moderator for women facing infertility and pregnancy loss, I found my passion for providing non-judgmental and empathetic support for women experiencing complex and painful emotions and health challenges.

As a busy mom of three, I understand the demands on who are women juggling careers while also caring for children and helping aging loved ones. Too often we put our own needs last! I am an advocate for empowering women to seek the supportive care they need to find their joy and live their lives to the fullest.

Academic and Professional Affiliations

American Physical Therapy Association
Herman & Wallace pelvic rehabilitation institute
Barnard College Columbia University
New York University
Vermont Birth Network
NSCA National Strength and Conditioning Association