Yes! Low back pain, round ligament pain, pubic symphysis dysfunction, sacral misalignment or sacroiliac joint dysfunction are all common conditions affecting pregnant women. There is so much we can accomplish externally and if warranted clinically, we can assess the muscles, nerves and tissues internally as well. We will also work on posture, core stabilization, strengthening and lengthening of your muscles. Depending your knowledge and experience, we may also discuss appropriate birthing positions and exercises that will make labor and delivery easier for your body. Please also be sure to tell me if you are pregnant or suspect you may be pregnant even if it’s early on in your first trimester. So whether you have aches and pains to address or simply  questions or concerns about how to protect your pelvic floor during labor and delivery, a few visits during pregnancy can be a great first introduction to the amazing support that pelvic health therapists offer women at this wondrous and powerful stage in life!