The simplest answer is: it depends. Without a thorough evaluation and understanding of your condition, it’s difficult to say how many visits it might take you to see results – and it also depends on how you define success! For a mom who is eager to get back to running but leaks a little every time she jogs around the block, and has no pain or other symptoms, it might only take several weeks or months to get back up to speed. For a woman who had complex pelvic issues prior to pregnancy (and if a difficult delivery only compounded the problem), it can take longer. For someone who doesn’t require or desire any pelvic work, but has nagging back and neck pain since the baby came, it can take only a few weeks.

Most often, the determining factor is how much you are able to prioritize your self-care. Visits are often no more than once a week or once every other week, depending on your condition and your availability – but this requires a strong commitment from you to perform the prescribed exercises and techniques in order to fast-track you towards the results you want!