Unfortunately, I’ve chosen not to enter into any contracts with insurance. Why? It’s the only way I can offer you longer treatment times and quality service so you heal faster, and in less visits, while getting the personalized care and attention you deserve. When was the last time a doctor spent more than 15 minutes with you?

In terms of getting reimbursed for your visits, I will provide you with a detailed invoice (also known as a ‘superbill’) which you can submit to your insurance company. This means that even though you will pay the full fee upfront, you may be reimbursed a significant amount by your insurance after submitting the claim. It is up to you to establish your out-of-network benefits to determine your eligibility for reimbursement before your visit.

If you do not have out-of-network benefits, you may be able to obtain a referral and a letter of medical necessity from your medical provider and petition your insurance, letting them know that the only pelvic PT you have been able to find in your area who is trained at the level you need to address your condition is out-of-network, and asking if they may be able to accommodate you for what your medical doctor has deemed a necessary treatment. Not all pelvic physical therapists have the same level of training or expertise – if you’re not getting better or don’t know what’s being done in session and why I encourage you to find another clinician!

I also strongly encourage those with limited or no health insurance benefits to still contact the office. Alternative options will be shared on how to obtain the care you need to restore health and long-term quality of life, including prevention/maintenance/wellness programs, or referrals to community resources that best address your current medical and financial circumstances. This is part of my commitment to promote accessibility to health care for all members of our community.