July 2017

What is Pelvic PT (Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy)?

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Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy (or Pelvic PT) is a specialized type of physical therapy that treats bowel, bladder and sexual dysfunction through the musculoskeletal and neuromuscular system. Whoa. Basically, what that means is that there is a bowl of muscles between your hips, holding up your organs: your bladder, rectum and uterus, if you have one. Lots of things can go wrong with those muscles and the nerves that feed them, and when the [...]

How can I expect to benefit from pelvic floor physical therapy?

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Think of the issue you are struggling with right now. Maybe it has to do with incontinence, so you have cut down on your water intake and your social life for fear of an accident in public, and are now dehydrated and miss your buddies. Maybe you stopped running or taking an exercise class because you’re worried about leakage, or organ prolapse, or you go to the bathroom 26 times a day and it’s [...]

What sorts of conditions do you treat?

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From diastasis recti to pudendal neuralgia, from organ prolapse to pain with sex to urinary incontinence — the types of conditions that a pelvic PT can treat are vast and wide-ranging. If you leak when you sneeze, have problems when you poop, or getting ‘frisky’ doesn’t feel so fun anymore, it’s time to talk to a pelvic floor PT. If you had a hysterectomy or a prostatectomy (or any other pelvic surgery), you may [...]

What types of patients do you treat?

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I primarily specialize in pregnant and postpartum patients but also treat men and women throughout the lifespan for a range of pelvic floor issues. My patients are health conscious, ready to learn, and motivated to start their healing process.

I’m a guy – would pelvic floor PT work for me?

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Yes, absolutely. Men also have pelvic floor muscles and can greatly benefit from working with a pelvic floor physical therapist to address a variety of issues, such as erectile dysfunction, bowel or bladder incontinence, scarring or weakness after surgery (e.g. prostatectomy), painful intercourse or ejaculation, testicular or scrotal pain. Feel free to call or send me an email if you have questions about whether we treat your condition. If you would prefer to work [...]

How much does it cost?

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Clinic Appointments: Initial evaluations and consultations are $325 for 75 minutes. Followup sessions are $225 for 45-55 minutes. This is always one-on-one time with Dr. Judith Meer, a licensed doctor of physical therapy. Appointments are often only once a week or every other week, and as your symptoms start to improve, we space out these visits to once every few weeks or months. The typical treatment time frame is 6-12 weeks: for some [...]

What payment methods do you take?

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All major credit cards are accepted. Checks are also accepted and should made out to Dr. Judith Meer or to Fizio PT LLC. An invoice (also known as a ‘superbill’) will be emailed to you after every session. You can submit the superbill to insurance to apply for reimbursement for the services provided. It is your responsibility to determine your out-of-network benefits prior to attending physical therapy in order to determine your eligibility for [...]

Do you accept insurance?

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Unfortunately, I've chosen not to enter in any contracts with insurance. Why? It's the only way I can offer you longer treatment times and quality service so you heal faster, and in less visits, while getting the personalized care and attention you deserve. When was the last time a doctor spent more than 15 minutes with you? In terms of getting reimbursed for your visits, I will provide you with a detailed invoice (also [...]

How do I submit a claim and how do I know if my insurance will reimburse me for my visits?

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You will be provided with an invoice (also known as a ‘superbill’) after each visit. It contains codes that the insurance companies need to be able to provide reimbursement. Be sure to call your insurance company directly or check their website if you have questions about filing a claim, your claim status, or your EOB (Explanation of Benefits). They will let you know what your out-of-network benefits are, which form you should complete to [...]

Do I need a referral from my medical doctor to come to physical therapy?

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NO! You no longer need a referral from your medical doctor to see a physical therapist - you now have what we call “direct access” to our services and you can just call to make your appointment. The only exception to this rule is if you have never had a gynecological exam: in that case, I do ask that you visit your gynecologist before starting physical therapy. If you are male and seeking treatment, [...]

What should I bring to my first appointment?

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Please bring a list of your medications, vitamins, supplements, as well any other types of treatments you may be taking undergoing at this time. Also bring the name and contact information of your medical provider (e.g. ob-gyn, urologist, proctologist, gastroenterologist, primary care physician), and a referral if you have one. You do not need a referral to be seen for pelvic floor physical therapy unless you have never had an internal exam before. Dress [...]

What will my first appointment be like?

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Getting a complete history is really important in order to understand your condition and how it has been affecting your life. So for the first part of the appointment, I will be asking a lot of questions — about treatments you may have already tried, surgeries you’ve undergone, your birth history, your toileting habits and whether it is painful to urinate, have a bowel movement, or have intercourse with a partner. I'll listen to [...]

Do you really have to do an internal exam? How does that work and what happens?

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Internal pelvic floor muscle examinations are the gold standard for understanding those pesky problems “down there.” Think about it: you wouldn’t go to a dermatologist and ask her to assess your skin through your clothes, and you wouldn’t get a cast put on without an X-ray to prove the bone is broken. Pelvic floor physical therapists have specific, high-level training to assess the muscles, nerves and connective tissues that make up the pelvic floor, [...]

Why can’t I just do kegels at home instead of coming in to pelvic floor physical therapy?

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Many people think that pelvic floor PT is all about kegels. It’s an incorrect comparison, just like lifting up the laundry basket a few times a week to get an upper body workout is not the same as working with a trainer who gives you a personalized exercise program with sets, reps and endurance training specific to your body. You can see how one would help speed you along to your fitness goals while [...]

I’m pregnant right now. Is it safe to come to pelvic floor PT?

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Yes! Low back pain, round ligament pain, sacral misalignment or sacroiliac joint dysfunction are all common conditions affecting pregnant women. While I don’t do internal exams on pregnant patients, there is so much we can still accomplish externally. We will also work on posture, core stabilization, strengthening and lengthening of your muscles, and depending your knowledge and experience, we may also discuss appropriate birthing positions and exercises that will make labor easier and more [...]

I’m trying to get pregnant. Can pelvic floor PT help with that?

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Yes. If pelvic floor muscles are tight, in spasm, or uncoordinated, it can make it difficult for the body to welcome a pregnancy and allow for implantation. Pelvic floor PTs spend much more time with their patients than the typical gynecologist (usually 45-60 minutes compared to 10-15 minutes), and we can often pick up on muscular imbalances and circulatory or nervous system issues that may be a contributing factor to your current inability to [...]

I have my period. Can I still come to PT?

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Yes. Menstruation does not affect pelvic floor muscle treatment in any way and can often decrease the discomfort you may normally experience during your period. If you do not wish to have any internal work done during this time, please let me know.

I have an active infection or a flare-up of my sexually transmitted infection/disease (STI/STD). Can I still come to PT?

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If you currently have an active infection or a flare-up, it is best to hold off on coming to your appointment until it has cleared - we absolutely don’t want to risk transmitting a localized infection to another part of your body or making your symptoms worse by working on the tissues in that area. If you need a referral to an MD in order to seek treatment, please don’t hesitate to get in [...]

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