October 2017

How much does 4th Trimester Postpartum Care cost?

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First visit: $295Includes a thorough evaluation of you and your health concerns, a comprehensive treatment plan, hands-on manual techniques, and specific exercises tailored to you. To maximize our treatment time and the benefit you get from our appointment, I will send you the paperwork to complete ahead of time. To make sure you can refer back to what we discussed, information and detailed exercise descriptions will all be provided to you via email.Follow up [...]

How many visits does it take to see results?

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The simplest answer is: it depends. Without a thorough evaluation and understanding of your condition, it's difficult to say how many visits it might take you to see results – and it also depends on how you define success! For a mom who is eager to get back to running but leaks a little every time she jogs around the block, and has no pain or other symptoms, it might only take several weeks or [...]

Do I need a referral to make an appointment?

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You do NOT need a referral to visit a physical therapist anymore (thanks to recent Direct Access laws). This means you can schedule your first visit today, without adding on another doctor's appointment in order to do so! If you are planning to submit for reimbursement from your insurance company, this is when you *may* need a referral from your medical doctor. Some companies require a referral in order to provide reimbursement for your [...]

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