Many people think that pelvic floor PT is all about kegels. It’s an incorrect comparison, just like lifting up the laundry basket a few times a week to get an upper body workout is not the same as working with a trainer who gives you a personalized exercise program with sets, reps and endurance training specific to your body. You can see how one would help speed you along to your fitness goals while the other one just makes you sad about how you have to do laundry again, right? So, we check to make sure you are actually doing those kegels properly – 30% of women do them incorrectly and in some cases, this can put them at risk of worsening their condition. Learning the correct form and providing you with a tailored training program will help you recover much faster. But not everyone needs kegels! Sometimes the issue is tightness, not weakness. Pelvic PTs can help you figure all that out.